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For those new Mobile promoting you will surprise ‘what is bulk SMS’? There are a unit variety of various terms accustomed describe this effective promoting channel such as; text message promoting, SMS promoting, bulk text, SMS code, business SMS or SMS alerts however all of them mean an equivalent issue


It is text messaging service which is useful for advertising,broadcasting.

First of all SMS stands for brief Message Service, this can be a text message sent from one mobile device to a different. Bulk SMS is so causation associates SMS to an oversized variety of recipients quickly. SMS messages area unit purchased in bulk, hence the term, and area unit significantly cheaper than regular SMS from your portable. Additionally Bulk SMS could be a significantly cheaper technique of mass communication than a lot of ancient styles of promoting like advertising or email promoting.

Bulk SMS will be employed by business house owners, community teams, promoting agencies or anyone want to speak with an oversized cluster of individuals. Bulk SMS permits you to live the impact of your sent messages, you'll track your delivery reports and if you embody a link, you'll live the amounts of hits and/or sales the SMS diode to.

It is necessary to indicate that if you're causation Bulk SMS, you need to fits the information protection laws by your own countries regulator. You’re needed to get written consent from a client before adding that client to a mobile promoting campaign. This can be an awfully specific term which means associate agreement, in writing, bears the signature of the person being marketed to and clearly shows that they're authorising the vendor to deliver advertisements or alternative promoting messages to their phone. The phone variety to that the somebody authorises these promoting messages or advertisements should even be enclosed within the written consent kind. You need to additionally offer your customers associate opt-out choice at the tip of each SMS you send.

Bulk SMS has open rates of ninety eight and messages area unit scan by the recipient inside five minutes.

According to Sales force, quite seventieth of marketer’s country that mobile advertising is currently key to their enterprise. Despite this some companies area unit still reluctant to imposing SMS in their advertising methodology. The most motive being is that the uncertainty of the way to place in SMS to benefit their business.

Radio, TV It is one amongst your key goals to profit bigger guests. Engagement is prime to constructing your emblem. With our Text Campaign tool you will schedule and ship bulk messages bent cue viewers concerning any exciting activities beforehand. Have an eBook language or even new show developing begin to create excitement with SMS by means that of investigating down the days or giving clues of any thrilling data.


Banks, insurance firms and mortgage/loan vendors, will all use SMS advertising to stay connected with existing and skill new purchasers. Banks will maintain account holders up to this point more or less any latest transactions or changes to their account via matter content message.Financial firms will use SMS to forestall fraud through alerting their purchasers of any suspicious interest on their account. This can enhance business-patron relationships as customers are going to be confident that their money is correctly monitored.

Restaurants and takeaway institutions will take gain of victimisation SMS for promotions that they presently ought to advertise. Knowing while people in general prefer to devour methodology temporal order is prime whereas causing messages. Be sensible and schedule mass SMS messages at some stage in these prime times of any exclusive provides they’ll have or send a promotional code to induce a special discount folks assume with their stomachs once they area unit hungry.

·      SMS is Personal. It goes straight to the recipient’s mobile. The message is virtually delivered directly into their hand.

·      Real-time two-way SMS communication. Receive replies to your bulk SMS messages.

·      An SMS message will reach a client where they're.

·      You can get your message out expeditiously to the desired cluster.

·      You can send individual messages or cluster messages.

·      If the cellular phone is off or out of signal vary, the message can hit the recipient’s phone if it's  switched on or receives signal inside forty eight hours of causation.

·      SMS will be keeping to be used at a later stage.

·      SMS will be forwarded.

·      SMS will be simply caterpillar-tracked mistreatment the delivery reports. You’re able to see that messages were delivered to that mobile numbers.

·      SMS messages will be regular to travel out at a definite date and time.

·      Your message gets across in a hundred and sixty characters or less, short and sweet.

·      You can send bulk SMS messages from your pc.

Benefits of SMS vs. phoning:

·      Cheaper than a telephony

·      Takes less time to send a message than it will to create telephony.

Benefits of SMS vs. Emailing/Online:

·      Email/computer isn't continuously promptly accessible.

·      A client/customer can nearly always have their cellular phone on them. The probabilities the recipient receiving and reading the message is incredibly high.

·     People area unit a lot of doubtless to receive and browse associate degree SMS than associate degree email.

·     More individuals have access to a cellular phone than they are doing the net.

·     Cellphones don't have a spam box. Several emails area unit “lost” thanks to the direct mail filter.

      Benefits of SMS vs. Fax:

·    Fax machines don't seem to be moveable.

·    Often times associate degree workplace has one fax machine mating a complete workplace.

·    Faxes don't seem to be “personal”. Anyone will walk past, choose it up and browse it.

·    SMS is cheaper than causation a fax.

·    Sending associate degree SMS takes less time than writing up and causation a fax.

Bulk messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals.

It is used by media companies, enterprises (for marketing and fraud control)and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment,enterprise and mobile marketing
  • We at Rima Enterprises, provide a bulk messaging software for multipurpose advertising and promotional purposes. Messaging  software helps you to send multiple messages in bulk without personally sending messages to each and every contact.
  • Promotional messaging software involves sending messages for advertising and promoting your product. Now-a-days, messages help to advertise your business or product thereby reaching larger number of customers.
  • Software is required for sending and receiving bulk messages and various software packages are available. These software packages provides users with the opportunity to add as many phone numbers as required and these phone numbers can be managed in a variety of ways.
  • We provide business of online Bulk SMS services, catering to all types of customers; big, medium and small through our innovative solutions for sending group SMS via different Bulk SMS Gateway networks.
  • We have developed a SMS software which can be trusted upon. We assure our clients excellent and output driven service. Our SMS software can be used for bulk messaging for invitation related to multiple events, business and product advertising, discount and offer messages and many more. Our services include sending messages in multiple languages and multiple templates of your choice.
  • Our Services include:
  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS
  • Email Marketing

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